Our mission is to fuel the global drone economy which has been growing at >50% CAGR and will be worth $135bn by 2025.

Hydropore’s patented, high-performance fuel is lightweight, cost effective, easy to use, and delivers at least 3x the performance of lithium ion batteries. There is high demand for fuel systems that increase drone flight time and payload, and the commercial UAV operators we have talked to are lining up to be our first customers.

The underlying technology works at a lab scale and Hydropore is in pre-funding stages seeking investment for engineering development and pilot plant scale up. 


Pete Lorenzi
Board Member

Former R&D Executive
BS Theoretical Physics
Chartered Accountant

Eric Detsi, PhD
Board Member

Stephenson Term Chair Assist. Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

John Corsi
Board Member

Penn PhD Student
BSE Materials Science and Engineering

Steve Shan
Business Team
PCI Venture Intern

Penn medical student
Penn Graduate in Mathematics & Biology

Akshat Jain
Engineering Team
Hydropore Intern

BS Mechanical Engineering
Former Suzuki Motor Engineer 

Asaph Lee
Engineering Team
Penn VIPER Student 

Penn Dual Major in Materials Science & Engineering; and Physics & Astronomy

Amber Doan Nguyen

Amber Doan Nguyen
Engineering Team 
Drexel Co-op

Founder’s Honors Scholarship RecipientDrexel Mechanical EngineeringSociety of Women Engineers

Board member


Michael Poisel
Board Member

Exec Dir. PCI Ventures
Lockheed Satellite Program Engineer
Wharton MBA

Ruby Chandy

Senior P&L & Marketing Exec., Independent Board Member (Public),  Materials Sciences (MIT) 

Marc Doyle, PhD

Former CEO, DuPont
PhD Chemical Engineering