Meet Hydropore

Fuels produced in harmony with nature.

Meet Hydropore

We believe in an economy that works in harmony with nature, not at the expense of it.

At Hydropore, we help produce the lowest-carbon fuels to power the toughest industries and communities on the planet. We do this by developing materials and machines to produce the cleanest, cheapest hydrogen molecule for refining, steel, chemicals, trucking, aviation, and energy storage for remote locations.

We’ve developed a breakthrough two-step electrolysis method to both store electricity and produce clean hydrogen in a single reactor. We do this by storing renewable energy from sunlight, wind, and hydropower in Earth-abundant metals. These metals then react with water to produce clean hydrogen on-demand. Hydropore’s solution will enable operators to:

  • Produce clean hydrogen 24/7 (hourly matched)
  • Produce clean hydrogen off-grid, on-site, and on-demand
  • Produce clean hydrogen in geographies with no hydrogen or fuel delivery infrastructure

More product announcements coming soon! Get in touch if you are interested in learning more and working together.