Meet Hydropore

The world’s first smart hydrogen-producing battery.

We are on a mission to reduce the green premium of a clean fuels future for heavy industry. Our patented approach to store electricity and produce hydrogen in harmony with renewable energy generation, electricity costs, and hydrogen demand will enable producers to:

  • Reduce operating expenses of producing hydrogen from electricity
  • Improve carbon intensity of hydrogen produced from electricity
  • Improve the resiliency of green hydrogen production

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About the Team

Hydropore’s founders (Eric & Mike) have been working with renewables and batteries for the past decade and realized there are resource and physical limitations to their applications in decarbonizing heavy industry.

Hydropore was founded on the beliefs that:

  1. We cannot electrify everything: Low-carbon hydrogen will be needed to decarbonize certain industrial & transportation sectors of our economy.
  2. Green hydrogen is preferred: Customers and markets will prefer ‘green hydrogen’ over other forms of low-carbon hydrogen.
  3. ‘Make it where you use it’: A lack of hydrogen infrastructure will require more distributed production models.
  4. Business model innovation is required: To unlock low cost, distributed production, we need new business models in hydrogen.

Founded in 2023, Hydropore is backed by industry-awarded research from leading research institutions. Professor Eric Detsi has been recognized as an Emerging Investor by the Journal of Materials Chemistry and has an NSF Career Award.

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