Hydropore prototype HH2B box
Hydropore fuel system (concept)

Hydropore is developing an innovative, lightweight, high-performance hydrogen generation system for fuel cell-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones.

The system will deliver at least 3x the performance of lithium-ion batteries – meaning longer flight times with heavier payloads.

How it works

Aluminum metal reacts vigorously with water to create hydrogen gas, but it also quickly forms a layer of water-resistant  aluminum hydroxide that stops dead any further reaction.

Bulk aluminum


Aluminum hydroxide

Hydropore’s technology creates a sponge-like nanoporous structure within the aluminum – giving it a vast internal surface area.  This allows nearly all the aluminum to react with water and create lots of hydrogen gas.

Nanoporous aluminum


Nanoporous aluminum hydroxide

Hydropore has created a novel, energy-dense, aluminum-based pellet for onboard hydrogen fuel generation without the need of liquid water. Our pellets are safe and can be easily transported for loading into Hydropore’s fuel system.

Spent pellet fuel is converted into pure alumina – a safe, non-toxic material that can be recycled into aluminum.