Meet Hydropore

Fuels produced in harmony with nature.

We are on a mission to ensure all communities have access to the zero emissions alternatives to fuel the planes, trains, trucks, ships, and heavy industry of tomorrow. We do this by transforming sunlight and seawater into the clean fuels of the future.

We’ve developed a new way to make and move clean hydrogen. Our breakthrough solution to store electricity and produce clean hydrogen in a small footprint using any water source (including seawater) will enable operators to:

  • Produce clean hydrogen in geographies with no hydrogen or fuel delivery infrastructure
  • Produce clean hydrogen 24/7
  • Produce clean hydrogen onboard a vehicle or off-grid

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About the Team

Hydropore’s founders (Eric & Mike) spent much of their careers working with renewables and batteries. Their relationship was forged with the first-hand, shared understanding that we will need clean molecules, in addition to electrons, to decarbonize heavy industry.

The team at Hydropore believes a few things to be true about our market:

  1. Clean hydrogen is preferred: Customers and markets will prefer the lowest carbon-intensity hydrogen in the long-run, so we should build for that now.
  2. Make it where you use it: A lack of hydrogen distribution infrastructure will require distributed production models.
  3. No markets left behind: Markets that will be underserved by the hydrogen economy are some of the most diesel-dependent, grid-infrastructure-lacking communities that would benefit most from local clean fuels production.
  4. Business model innovation is required: To unlock low cost, distributed production, we need new business models in hydrogen and clean fuels.

Founded in 2023, Hydropore is backed by industry-awarded research from leading research institutions. Dr. Eric Detsi has been recognized as an Emerging Inventor by the Journal of Materials Chemistry and has an NSF Career Award.

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