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Our Mission

Enable high-volume hydrogen production with cost below $2/gge through the reaction of nanoporous aluminum and pure water.

Aluminum-Water Reaction

We aim to achieve this low cost by selling the following three products made during the reaction of aluminum and water: hydrogen, activated alumina and heat.


In the short term, sustainable hydrogen will be produced using secondary aluminum (global market recycled aluminum: over 29 million metric tonnes per year). In the long term, when carbon-free primary aluminum from Elysis is commercially available, sustainable hydrogen will be produced using both secondary aluminum and this carbon-free primary aluminum.

Activated Alumina

We will sell activated alumina (high purity nanoporous alumina) co-produced with hydrogen to reduce the cost of our hydrogen. Activated alumina is used in various applications including fluoride adsorbents for water treatment, catalysts and catalyst-supports, desiccants, bio-ceramics, and separators for lithium-ion batteries.


To further reduce the cost of our hydrogen, the heat released from the reaction is converted into electricity using commercial steam-driven electric generator.

Overview Hydropore Technology

Overview Hydropore technology

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