Our Team

Our Team

Mike Argosh
Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Eric Detsi
Co-founder, Chief Scientist

Tim Krebs

Hydropore’s founders (Eric & Mike) spent much of their careers working with renewables and batteries. Their relationship was forged with the first-hand, shared understanding that we will need clean molecules, in addition to electrons, to decarbonize heavy industry.

The team at Hydropore believes a few things to be true about our market:

  1. Clean hydrogen is preferred: Customers and markets will prefer the lowest carbon-intensity hydrogen in the long-run, so we should build for that now.
  2. Make it where you use it: A lack of hydrogen distribution infrastructure will require distributed production models.
  3. No markets left behind: Markets that will be underserved by the hydrogen economy are some of the most diesel-dependent, grid-infrastructure-lacking communities that would benefit most from local clean fuels production.
  4. Business model innovation is required: To unlock low cost, distributed production, we need new business models in hydrogen and clean fuels.

Founded in 2023, Hydropore is backed by industry-awarded research from leading research institutions. Dr. Eric Detsi has been recognized as an Emerging Inventor by the Journal of Materials Chemistry and has an NSF Career Award.